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AC Servicing

    Our Aim of Servicing your AC / Equipment

    • “Prevention is better than Cure” is our mantra. It is observed and researched that if the AC’s are regularly serviced, the AC’s can see through a tough summer without much of a problem. Regular servicing annually or even bi-annually through our servicing team can ensure the above. Our team would be also diagnose repairs if any.

    Our Conditions

    • AC must be in working conditions.
    • If AC is not in working condition, then diagnosis of fault can be asked for @ 'No extra charges'.
    • Servicing means – washing of cooling & condenser coils only.
    • Additional services, if required will be extra.
    • AC must be in safe and approachable location e.g. outdoor unit of split AC must be in spacious and safe location.
    • Our charges for visit only will be Rs. 350/.
    • Kindly consent / agree to above before “Booking a Request”.

    I agree to above conditions