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    1.It is difficult to lay down the prices / rates of repairs that can come up in an Air Conditioners or refrigrent units. However, at the following symptoms, we could be contacted.

    • Low Cooling
    • Noises in AC
    • Fan working but no cooling
    • AC works for sometime then stops
    • No light in display unit

    2.The above symptoms could be due to the following reasons

    • AC requires servicing as coils are choked
    • Inadequate input power or variable power
    • Compressor defective
    • PCB not functional
    • Fan or Motor defective
    • Defective minor parts or wire short
    • Gas leakage or Gas shortage etc

    3.We could do the following

    • Visiting Charges- Rs. 350/- (to include free diagnosis, minor repairs eg. Wire short)
    • Assessment of faults and approximate costs of repairs and on consent to repairs or carry out repairs.

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